Torrance Amateur Radio Association

Communications for the South Bay


TARA is Changing (just a bit)

TARA, the Torrance Amateur Radio Association, is an independently organized volunteer group associated with the Emergency Services division of Torrance.

W6TPD – located in the Torrance police building, coupled with a corps of licensed amateur radio operators who live and work in Torrance, provides eyes and ears from every corner of the City should a natural disaster, civil unrest or widespread communications outage occur. TARA history.

The TARA net, our weekly meeting on the air is scheduled at 7:00pm every Monday for dissemination of local, District andLos Angeles County bulletins, and other emergency preparedness matters. Including those nets, TARA members contribute hundreds of hours of volunteer efforts each month. The Torrance Amateur Radio Association has been activated by the city to help with severe weather alerts, missing persons searches, power and telephone outages, and of course, earthquakes.


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